Freestyle Cyclists Annual ride and get together

Start: Saturday, March 23, 2024 10:30 am
Finish: 12:00 pm
Meet at: 815 Nicholson St. Nth. Carlton, outside Park Dining on the Capital City Trail

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As it rolls on towards Easter again, our thoughts turn to …. Helmet Law Reform!  Yes, I know we haven’t been fined much recently, and much of the heat seems to have gone out of the helmet ‘debate’, though with no progress or enthusiasm for law reform from our elected parliamentarians or their advisors.  However, we still like to get together and fly the flag as it were, so we will once again meet for the annual ‘Stop Fining Healthy Transport’ helmet optional ride in Melbourne.
Not so much a protest, more a relaxed, friendly, gently paced ride with others who see riding a bike, without the need for special protection, as one of life’s great positives, whether for transport or leisure. We are continuing in this vein this year, and are again asking people to bring a friend in support of this aim.   We think this is the only truly inclusive cycling event we have in Melbourne.
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