Westgate Park discovery ride

Start: Sunday, September 21, 2014 10:00 am
Finish: 1:00 pm
Meet at: Cow Under a Tree sculpture, Docklands

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Are you the adventurous type? Interested in discovering a magical landscape that is right under your nose? The Westgate Park Open Day is coming up on Sunday September 21, and we are staging some discovery rides to get you there.

Departing from Docklands at Hortus underneath the iconic Cow Up a Tree sculpture, the rides will lead our intrepid riders down the path of the mighty Yarra River, as it heaves along the South Wharf and through Port Melbourne before spilling out into the bay by Westgate Park. Along the way your ride host will point out sites of interest, so you are guaranteed to learn something new!

Arriving at the park, you will be introduced to an incredible juxtaposition of nature and industry as the Westgate Bridge casts shadows over the biodiversity below. See a ship go by as you are taken on a guided tour of the park, getting as close as you can to where the river meets the sea.

The Westgate Park Open Day is a 100% BYO and TIH (take it home) event. Bring a picnic, thermos, mug and provisions and lose yourself in the wild natural scenes tucked away in Melbourne’s industrial heart.

The Discovery Rides will depart Docklands at 10.00am and 12.00pm. The rides include a guided tour of Westgate Park. Riders will be accompanied back to Harbour Esplanade.

The rides will take place on both off road and on road bike paths and cover approx 6km each way.  The rides are suitable for intermediate or experienced bike riders.

Cost: FREE


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