Culture Shock Bicycle Tour

Start: Sunday, January 18, 2015 9:30 am
Finish: 2:00 pm
Meet at: Port Phillip EcoCentre

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Port Phillip BUG Inc enjoys a cup of culture as they explore the City of Port Phillip. Firstly, let’s head straight to a secret laneway for coffee. Once caffeinated, we’ll go to appreciate a guided tour of the synagogue and Jewish Museum, featuring Andy Warhol’s Jewish Genuises exhibition. Afterwards, we’ll poke our heads in the Astor Theatre for a look-around. Our morning of culture will be a completed by a lunch stop at a local beer garden. Guided tour:$8pp plus bring money for coffee and lunch. Guided tour finishes at 1pm. Bike hire available.Online bookings essential. Enquiries Bronnie 0417 337 993.

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