Start: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 4:02 pm
Finish: 4:02 pm
Meet at: Coburg Velodrome

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The Artbike Grand Prix started out as the brainchild of a local makerspace owner. Walking past the Coburg Velodrome on a sunny afternoon, the idea evolved from a desire to ride homemade bikes around the Coburg Velodrome and the wanting to support an alternative to the Melbourne Cup.

What’s an artbike?

An artbike is any non-racing bicycle that has been aesthetically altered, hand built or customised. This could be through the use of simple decorations through to the repurposing of old bike components to create your very own Franken-bike. Let your creative fancies take the lead.

What will the Grand Prix be?

The Grand Prix will be a day of races held at the Coburg Velodrome. Each heat consists of two teams of four riders, with each rider needing to complete a single lap on the team’s shared artbike – like a relay where the baton is your bike. With the winning team will take home probably the best trophy ever made. Such a righteous day could only support a righteous cause; this provided the opportunity to support Bicycles For Humanity in their excellent work in the alleviation of poverty.

Who are Bicycles for Humanity?

In short, Bicycles For Humanity takes old bikes, refurbishes and ships them to impoverished regions of the world. These bikes, and the converted sea container bike workshops they are shipped in, become tools of empowerment, allowing access to health care, education, economic opportunity and wider community.

How is the Grand Prix supporting Bicycles for Humanity?

You will be able to donate old bicycles to Bicycles for Humanity on the day. In the developing world the most useful are adult sized sturdy hybrids or mountain bikes. There will also be a way to contribute to them financially.

Is the Grand Prix a ticketed event?

No, the event is free to enter. However, we will be taking team registration fees as a way to help cover the costs of running the event. Any profits made from the fees will be donated to Bicycles for Humanity.

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