Revitalise Sydney Road

Start: Thursday, April 27, 2017 6:00 pm
Finish: 7:00 pm
Meet at: St Ambrose church 287 sydney Rd

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We don’t normally carry news of meetings on Bikefun but just this once, we’ll tell you how to get involved in helping to make Sydney Road safe, fun and full of life.  Revitalise Sydney Road has produced a plan that provides safe, protected bikelanes from Brunswick Road to Bell St, wider footpaths, less delay for trams and better use of parking off Sydney Road.

As we saw down at Acland Street St Kilda, traders are very apprehensive about removal of parking but the results, whether in Acland St or in lots of other places, are always positive for retail. The introduction of disability access tram stops means that planning is underway for changes in Sydney Road. Get involved in the campaign for a better Sydney Road for everyone.

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