Full Moon Ride Diamond Creek Trail and Platypus Spotting at Finn Reserve

Start: Thursday, March 21, 2019 7:20 pm
Finish: 11:30 pm
Meet at: Eltham Railway Station

Warning - you are viewing a past event

March Full Moon Ride Diamond Creek Trail and Platypus Spotting at Finn Reserve.

This ride was previously scheduled but had to be cancelled due to illness.

Depart Flinders Street Station 6:23pm platform 1.
Arrive Eltham Station Wed 7:19pm

Ride From Eltham  Via Diamond Creek Trail

Arrive Finns Reserve at approx 7:30pm
Thia is the Platypus viewing spot and kid friendly Wombat Bend Playground.
This is an option for non-bike riding people to join us at a kid friendly play spot and nature area.

Sunset is at 8:13 pm (just before sunset is the best time to go Platypus spotting)

Depart Finn Reserve 9:00pm

Bring food to share.

Organiser: Simon

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