Yarra Trail Full Moon and Urban Camping

Start: Saturday, December 6, 2014 7:15 pm
Finish: Sunday, December 7, 2014 8:00 am
Meet at: Eltham Railway Station

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7:15PM — Eltham Railway Station
The ride from Eltham down Diamond Creek and along the Main Yarra Trail is one of the best in Melbourne, and especially beautiful by the light of a full moon.

It’s one of our favourites, so come along and bring some food or drink to share at the midway picnic and join in a bit of urban camping within coo-ee of the city at an almost-secret location. byo tent etc.

Catch the 6:19pm Hurstbridge train from Flinders St Station (Platform 1, last carriage).

It’s mainly off-road on a fairly good quality track. There are various points where railway stations can be reached for an early bail-out, including Fairfield, or ride all the way back into the City via Westgarth, Fitzroy and East Melbourne.
Organiser: Nik & Ned

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2 thoughts on “Yarra Trail Full Moon and Urban Camping

    1. about 5-10 km are gravel path, usually in pretty good condition but thin tyres could be a bit uncomfortable. Otherwise any commuting/mountain/sit-up bike will be fine.
      The unsealed section is along the main Yarra trail from the Diamond Creek confluence to Bourke Road. Total distance if you rode all the way back to the City would be about 35km (at a guess), alternative end points are railway stations at Fairfield and even Heidelberg for an early bail-out. Despite following rivers, there are some steep hills, both up and down.

      The camping spot is about 20 or 25km from the start.

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