Melburn Roobaix

Start: Sunday, June 26, 2016 9:30 am
Finish: 5:00 pm
Meet at: Secret! Register to find out

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It’s a scavenger hunt on wheels of sorts, themed on the greatest single day race of them all – Paris Roubaix.

Pronounced ROO-BAY, the Melburn version arms riders with a map, musette and a pen with a challenge of finding cobbled sectors from the East to West, discovering a part of the city rarely seen.  Unplanned stops for coffee, stopping to take photos and getting lost are all part of the journey.

There are no prizes for athletic merit as THIS IS NOT A RACE.  Prizes for creative expression and pure luck are up for grabs.

Melburn Roobaix is the one day of the year to assemble your friends for an all-day adventure from the south to the north, with some east and west covered along the way. With a musette containing your map, pen and list of tasks it’s up to you how you make your way from one to the other.

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6 thoughts on “Melburn Roobaix

  1. To the organisers of this ride,
    It was a great morning for a ride until I encountered some of your event participants riding along the Koonung creek trail through to just past Kew golf club. Your statement “this is not a race” obviously did not get through to quite a few of the riders. I felt quite unsafe as quite a number of them rode 2 abreast and then other riders would try to overtake and this path does not have a lot of room for that sort of behaviour. I felt a decent number of them showed unsafe riding behaviours and they were not thinking of the safety of others using the trails. The ride seems like a great idea but maybe next time they need attendants along the way to ensure safe cycling behaviours are adhered to so other users of the trails feel safe and can also enjoy their cycling too.
    Regards and happy safe cycling!
    Julie Harris.

    1. Hi Julie,
      The bikefun calendar is a resource for people to list rides they want people to know about. As BikeFun didn’t run or organise the Roobaix, and as a mere list moderator, I can’t really comment on behalf of the ride organiser(s).

    2. Julie
      Have to point out that this fun ride only occurs once a year and the bike path is public. When I saw these riders they were on a public road and some of the behaviour of the car drivers on a residential street on a quiet cold Melbourne morning was pretty ordinary. There were all classes of rider and yes some of the better and stronger ones did overtake but they also did stop at certain spots – particular when a car was coming across their path. That would have to be a lot of attendants to be on duty for a number of hours between 9:30 and 5.00.

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