A Beginners/ intermediate MTB ride Hans Loop

Start: Saturday, June 18, 2016 9:15 am
Finish: 9:15 am
Meet at: Heidelberg Railway Station,Corner Mount st & Yarra st

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  • Heidelberg Railway Station

    Corner Mount St & Yarra St, Heidelberg, Melbourne (edit map)
  • This will be an introductory ride to Hans Loop Templestowe
    By Train Meet at 9:15am  Heidelberg station Bus exchange side take  Hurstbridge Train Flinders St 8:38am get off Heidelberg 9:12am we leave as soon as you arrive  so please catch this train  we will not wait for you
    or  at  Westerfolds park by  10 am in  carpark nearest Fitzsimons Lane   and Yarra River in  Canoe launching area  check  out our  Map https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13021139  on your phone view in desktop view
    We will do a couple of laps or more with Lunch at Pettys orchard the first lap or 2 will be slower so you can get know it  as this is true Mtb single track it is rocky
    you cant really get to lost as  the Yarra trail is right beside ,then  Visit  Pettys Orchard for a Delicious snack  and coffee
    Suitable Bikes: MTB
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