Upfield Urban Forest Family Ride

Start: Sunday, October 15, 2023 9:55 am
Finish: 11:30 am
Meet at: Merlynston Station

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Thanks to the volunteers at the Upfield Urban Forest we have a great family ride coming up this Sunday exploring the work they have done along the Upfield corridor. Ever wondered who does all those cute plantings, or who the teams of people picking up rubbish and weeding you see are and what is the impact of projects like skyrail? Now is your chance to find out!
Meet at Merlynston Station Sunday October 15th just before 10am ready for a 10 o’clock departure. Bring water, sunscreen and your bikes!
We’ll be riding southwards and finishing at Jewell Station after 11:30.
If you, or the kids, don’t want to ride both ways then catch the train with your bikes to Merlynston for the start, or home from Jewell at the finish.
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