Projector Bike Friday Night Ride – Abbotsford Edition

Start: Friday, July 31, 2015 7:30 pm
Finish: 7:30 pm
Meet at: Abbotsford Convent - Main gate

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Projector Bike leaves Abbotsford Convent and takes a ride through this unique suburb exploring its bike paths and blank walls!

Showing award-winning short films with a fresh playlist every week, join us as we meander through Abbotsford on a unique once off magical mystery tour.

Bring your bike and meet at  Abbotsford Convent  or catch up with us via Twitter updates. Projector Bike will be situated at the main entrance playing music.

Testing Grounds is now closed for the winter so this is part of our winter Friday rides project ‘Projector Bike in Your Burb’.

This is a free event for all-ages.

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