Fawkner Cemetery Discovery Tour

Start: Sunday, April 24, 2016 11:15 am
Finish: 2:45 pm
Meet at: Mortuary Train Carriage - Fawkner Memorial Gardens

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Cemeteries play an important role in the history, culture and even social life of the local community.  Not only are they the last resting place of loved ones, but they are a timeless custodian of our history and our ancestors – filled with the colourful, moving, important and personal stories of those buried there.

Join us on an hour long discovery tour of Fawkner Memorial Park by bike as part of The Great Cemetery Open Day! We’ll discover how Fawkner fits in to the history and development of Melbourne,  from its beginnings inspired by the ideal Victorian Railway Cemetery to a modern, and multi-cultural, memorial park, how it has grown and changed to reflect the changes amongst the population living around it, and the changes in their attitudes to death. All while pedalling through peaceful, bike-friendly gardens!


This ride is suitable for beginner riders with basic bike riding skills and will involve riding on quiet sealed roads and gravel paths in a low-traffic environment.

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