Lilydale Mt Doona Buang Warburton trail

Start: Sunday, May 8, 2016 9:15 am
Finish: 5:00 am
Meet at: Lilydale Station

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Train : Flinders st platform 8 Take 8:12 am Sandringham train @ 8:15am Get off at Richmond Station From Richmond Station platform 9 Take 8:19 am Lilydale train arrive 9:14am Lilydale

About the RIDE
Ride from Lilydale up to Mt Donna Buang first this includes a 1200m climb, down to Warburton for lunch back along the Warburton trail to lilydale please Allow approx. 8 hours for this ride  
MAP: Click tap here for  Mt Doona Buang Warburton trail Map

Distance : 104 km its hilly

Speed : 20-22kph

Suit: CX Gravel Grinder MTB with road tyres an old Road bike Anyone that can Ride 100km with some hills

Surface: Mainly road/paved. Trail is gravel.

Cancellation: Pouring rain, thunderstorms

what to Bring: Camera ,Tubes, Tools, Pump, Lock, Water, Money Myki, etc please make sure your bike is in good working order You ride at your own risk Bring something to eat

Contact: mick 0410309264

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